Pulse Roll Label Products has considerable expertise in developing and manufacturing high quality and consistent narrow web varnish products.

Varnishes are used throughout the label printing and packaging industry to visually enhance products through the use of special effects, finishes and textures and provide functionality through package and print protection.

Our range of UV flexo varnishes offers varying levels of finish and product resistance properties, including high gloss, high slip, super matt, over-printable, optically bright and, high rub, for general purpose use including labels and packaging.

Our best-selling UV flexo free radical peel & read release varnishes are used by many narrow web printers around the world. These products have been formulated to provide excellent release properties and adhesion on a variety of substrates for application on a wide range of packaging, containers and bottles.

Gloss and matt UV flexo varnishes suitable for use over digital inks are also available.

For more detailed product information, please use our FIND A PRODUCT section or call us to discuss your requirements.

peel and read release varnish peel and read release varnish