Finish, protect and enhance your brand!

Mar 9, 2021Blog

Finish, protect and enhance your brand!

OK. Hands up who DOESN’T want a holiday right now?! Well, with the national lockdown and Covid restrictions still in place, we can still only dream about summer holidays and taking a dip in the deep blue sea!

Instead, take a look at this label printed by our friends at Edale Ltd and the lovely gloss finish created with our PureFinish food packaging compliant foil blockable gloss varnish!

Our PureFinish UV flexo varnishes are the perfect solution for your narrow web labels, cartons (and more) to finish, protect and enhance a brand’s packaging and labels.

So whether you are looking for gloss, matt or satin, foil blockable or food packaging compliant – one of our PureFinish varnishes could prove to be the perfect product for you. And our team are here and ready to help!

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