Today’s labelling landscape sees label printers under increasing pressure to perform efficiently. Many businesses are struggling with longer lead times, making it more difficult to provide the same fast and cheap service that their customers expect. Businesses that fail to adapt to these challenging circumstances risk getting left behind.

Think about how much more efficient you could be if you could have complete visibility over your most important information in real time. From viewing order and delivery status, checking price lists or needing technical information, speed and simplicity are powerful tools for any company. The faster you can find what you need, the sooner you can get on with the business of your business. But where can you find a tool to help you achieve this?

The good news is that the solution already exists.

LINK, the pioneering secure digital platform from Pulse Roll Label Products, is the future of print management. LINK puts users back in control of their assets, enabling them to manage their business like never before. Are your ink levels low? Do you need to place an order, or track the status of a delivery while out of the office? Through LINK, all of this information and more is easily accessible at the push of a button.

Since its launch in 2021, our secure LINK platform has helped countless customers keep track of their business activities. This convenient, efficient system makes sure key information is accessible whenever it is needed, changing the game for label converters and our international partners.

LINK has been designed to help our customers manage their business at their convenience.  From ordering inks to tracking job progress, from downloading a technical data sheet to seeing a delivery note, centralising these administrative tasks and providing instant communication saves you time hunting for information or making phone calls. By maximizing productivity and reducing the risk of errors, ultimately, LINK saves your business money.

LINK’s other features include a fully interactive mixing guide with a unique millage calculator that works across the PureTone and PureAqua ranges. If further support is needed, customers can use LINK to seek support over the phone, online or in-person through a ticket enquiry system. LINK also features a bespoke Knowledge Base that lets users download documents including technical and sales data sheets, so they can access product information whenever they need it in the safe knowledge it’s the latest, most up to date information.

LINK is more than just a bridge between the Pulse Roll Labels team and our customers. It’s the key to unlocking new efficiencies in the print industry, overcoming past hang-ups around more traditional forms of communication. Put simply, LINK takes the guesswork out of printing, telling you what you need to know when you need to know it.

LINK is available to all Pulse Roll Label customers via a secure log-in. For more information about LINK or about our products and services, please visit