Fixed anilox printing

The flexo revolution you’ve been waiting for

What if you never had to change aniloxes between jobs?

It’s a common problem. Too often we see printers needing multiple aniloxes and many anilox changes across jobs because the inks they use vary in strength. These changeovers cost time and money – unnecessarily eating up your capacity and stopping you from reaching your full potential.

Enter Fixed Anilox Printing.

Fixed Anilox Printing is a ground-breaking system that lets you produce any imaginable spot colour all off one volume of anilox – meaning a fixed set can be installed. No need to change aniloxes between jobs, or select the right one for each print. With variables removed from the anilox process, your lines can run and run.

One anilox, one set of inks, and a next generation mixing database ensure instant colour matching and perfect prints.

Put simply, Fixed Anilox Printing changes the game for the narrow web industry.

In summary, Fixed Anilox printing provides:

  • High speed make-ready
  • Up to 30% reduction in ink consumption
  • Increased uptime
  • Reduced overall capex in buying anilox rollers
Fixed Anilox Stopwatch

How does it work?

Fixed Anilox Printing uses our specially formulated PureTone range of high strength single-pigment inks to help standardise the flexographic process.

While most competitor inks are not strong or balanced enough to produce all colours with just one volume of anilox, PureTone’s formulation sets it apart. In combination with a fixed anilox, PureTone’s strong bases mean it helps you achieve a Delta E of < 2, clean, bright colours, and high print consistency.

Fixed Anilox Printing

The other key to Fixed Anilox Printing is our bespoke colour mixing database.

This tool gives you all the information you need to instantly match colours, making it even easier to get the right print, every time.

What are people saying?

“Switching over is incredibly simple. Fixed Anilox Printing has already proven its success for multiple companies. The process is simple to understand and easy to implement, with many converters making the shift across in less than a week with the support of the Pulse Roll Label Products technical team.”

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