The PureAqua flexo ink system provides an innovative water-based solution for the narrow web label and package printing industry.

PureAqua Inks

“Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it.” – Bruce Lee

This perfectly describes the approach we took to develop PureAqua, an innovative solution for water-based flexo printers. Traditionally, these printers would need up to three separate ink sets to allow them to print on different substrates, which takes up valuable warehouse space. PureAqua offers a one-ink system that provides a total colour management solution, suitable for printing on multiple substrates.

Designed for the narrow web printing of self-adhesive labels, folding cartons, tickets and tags, the fast-drying PureAqua ink system, with excellent viscosity and flow properties, is formulated for optimal print performance, press stability, and improved colour strength.

Suitable for printing on multiple substrates, PureAqua is unique in the label market in that it is formulated for printing on coated and uncoated papers, thermal papers, and film. This means it’s a completely fluid solution, offering significant cost savings for label converters printing on different substrates.

Our PureAqua colour database, using X-Rite’s InkFormulation Software (IFS), is available to provide accurate and consistent colour, reducing production downtime and minimising waste on the press, achieving significant cost savings.

PureAqua Graphic

The only high strength mono-pigmented water-based flexo ink system you’ll need – for any substrate.

Martin Clackett - Print Production Manager, SATO UK

“We made the move to PureAqua to support our drive to achieve the highest quality of water-based flexo printing on both standard and thermal papers. The PureAqua ink system means that we need to use only one ink system for both substrates, making it more efficient and cost-effective while at the same time providing optimal print performance and accurate colour to satisfy our water-based flexo requirements.”

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