Our PureFinish UV flexo adhesives and primer have been formulated to provide a complete solution for the narrow web printer

PureFinish Adhesives & Primer

Formulated to comply with the latest EuPIA guidelines and industry standards, our PureFinish range of UV flexo adhesives, plus a primer, complements the PureFinish varnish range to provide a complete UV flexo coating offering for the narrow web printer.

Our PureFinish UV flexo adhesives are formulated for laminating, cold foiling and other applications. Suitable for use on a wide variety of substrates, laminates and foils, the PureFinish range also includes an adhesive deadener.

With more and more self adhesive label printers adding flexible printing to their capabilities, and the need for shorter print runs, demand for UV alternatives compared to solvent based products has increased. Our PureFinish laminating adhesives are formulated to provide excellent adhesion to difficult top coated substrates and are a popular problem solving product.

For printers seeking migration compliance, all of our adhesives are available in a food packaging compliant (FPC) version, formulated to comply with the latest guidelines for non direct food contact packaging applications.

We pride ourselves on offering products that can solve common print problems. Our PureFinish food packaging compliant (FPC) UV flexo gloss primer is a popular problem solver for many of our label and package printing customers.

PureFinish Graphic
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