Stay on top of rising energy costs and smooth the switch to LED printing with PureTone DC

Why PureTone DC ink?

Faced with increasing energy costs and demands for faster turnarounds, PureTone DC is the solution your business needs to stay one step ahead.

PureTone DC brings a high-performance LED curable ink to our flagship flexo ink system. Its dual cure formulation means initiators within the ink are activated when exposed to either traditional or LED UV light, letting you make the switch to LED curing at your convenience – and without expensive up-front investment.

Offering increased performance over other brands, PureTone DC matches the impressive strength of all inks in the PureTone range, making it easy to compare and match colours as needed, even when switching between digital and flexo. Being fully Food Packaging Compliant, new PureTone DC is suitable for label converters supplying industry sectors that require compliance to food packaging regulations and guidelines, and the range also includes CMYK+OGV for extended colour gamut printing.

With LED delivering a more stable source of UV light, your print and curing consistency is improved, delivering the optimum results for your customers.

What’s more, the dual cure formulation of PureTone DC means you can now use just one set of inks with both UV and LED curing presses. It gives you the freedom to convert press by press in your own time, without the need for two ink inventories and removing unnecessary complexity in ink management.

Stay on top of rising energy costs and smooth the switch to LED printing with PureTone DC

Benefits of PureTone DC:

  • One single ink system that can be used with both traditional and LED UV
  • LED delivers more stable light, resulting in improved consistency of curing and print
  • LED bulbs use less energy – lower energy costs mean lower bills
  • Instantly on – no warm-up needed, saving more energy!
  • LED lamps last longer than traditional UV bulbs, reducing costs further
  • Make the switch in your own time – press by press – avoid having two ink inventories
  • Ease of disposal when end-of-life
  • Pre-empts legislative change and issues with traditional mercury-based UV
  • Better for the printer and the planet!

Save energy, save money

With improved curing, adhesion and super-fast drying time, using PureTone DC not only improves your turnaround time, but also reduces the power needed to cure jobs, minimising your energy usage and therefore reducing your bills

With LED delivering instant UV with no warm-up or cool-down period, the process needs less energy to work. And running cooler than traditional lamps means that the amount of energy lost as heat is also reduced. Coupled with the removal of energy-hungry cooling systems, this delivers significant energy savings to your business – great news not just for your bottom line, but also for the environment, reducing your carbon footprint to boot.

Switch from traditional UV to LED
PureTone DC

Reduce waste

With both the same high strength for which PureTone is renowned and improved coverage delivering the same impactful results while using less ink, PureTone DC can also help reduce waste. What’s more, the near-instant curing process means you don’t need to use sealing coats or other products to protect the finish.

And because LED bulbs run at lower temperatures, they last much longer and need less maintenance compared with traditional UV lamps, with consistent output over the bulb’s lifespan. With no harmful elements, LED bulbs are also significantly easier to dispose of when they do eventually wear out.

With the damaging effects of mercury well known and commitments across the industry to phase out traditional UV bulbs, the dual cure formulation of PureTone DC gives your business the flexibility to make the switch from traditional UV to LED whenever you’re ready – and at your own pace.

So with improved consistency of curing and print, efficiency gains through energy savings and waste reduction AND the freedom that a dual cure formulation delivers, PureTone DC is the ideal solution to help you make the switch to LED.

UV LED – We’re ready. Are you?

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