Our PureTone UV flexo ink system helps printers save time and money

PureTone – a total colour management solution

PureTone is our flagship UV flexo ink system. It pushes the boundaries of traditional ink mixing systems, giving narrow web printers a simple, innovative solution. By increasing efficiencies, it helps converters remain competitive in today’s global label and packaging printing market.

PureTone complies with the latest EuPIA guidelines and includes high strength process inks and a unique mixing base system suitable for printing on multiple substrates including coated papers, films, label stocks, and shrink films.

For narrow web printers seeking a migration-compliant solution, our PureTone Food Packaging Compliant Inks (FPC) inks offer a solution for non-direct food contact packaging and labelling applications.

4-Colour Process Inks

Our high strength PureTone 4-colour process inks allow for lower ink film weights and high definition (HD) printing. They are the recommended choice for narrow web printers seeking to take advantage of the next generation of UV flexo printing inks for optimal colour strength and print quality.

Subject to the choice of anilox, plate, tape, and substrate, our PureTone process inks can allow the label printer to achieve compliance with ISO 12647-6 printing standards for flexographic applications.

7-Colour Process Inks

Combining our high strength PureTone HD 4-colour process inks (CMYK) with our PureTone Orange, Green and HR Violet (OGV) mixing bases provides an ideal solution for printers seeking to benefit from a move to 7-colour process (or expanded gamut) printing. This enables the colour gamut to be extended through process printing, reducing the number of spot colours required but without compromising on colour quality or a brand’s visual appeal.

Because our OGV PureTone mixing bases are monopigmented, cleaner, brighter colours can be achieved. Printing with 7 colours provides advantages including more accurate brand colours, the elimination of ink changes and a reduction in press downtime (as the same set of inks can be used for every job), less waste, and lower ink inventory. This ultimately results in greater production efficiencies and cost savings for the printer.

Mixing Bases

Our unique PureTone and PureTone FPC mixing systems save printers time and money providing complete colour control that results in reduced waste, increased efficiencies, and long-term cost savings. There is no wait, no waste, and minimal downtime – just accurate colour, right first time, every time.

Our high strength, mono-pigmented mixing bases make it easier to colour match due to the reduced total number of pigments used in the mixed ink. Colour strength is optimised and cleaner colours are achieved reducing the potential for metamerism. The high colour strength means less ink is required making for lower film weights. Reduced ink consumption benefits the environment and saves money in the long term.

Complying with the latest EuPIA guidelines and industry standards, our PureTone inks are suitable for shrink films as well as general label printing, with excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates.

For sectors such as pharmaceutical and personal care, where high resistance to colour change and fading is a market requirement for labels and packaging, we also offer a selection of PureTone HIGH RESISTANCE (HR) bases. For a food packaging-compliant solution, our PureTone FPC UV flexo mixing bases are the recommended choice.

Formulated to print at the same strength using a standard anilox, spot colours can be achieved at a standard volume using our PureTone mixing bases. Standardisation is key to flexibility and anilox standardisation brings many benefits including consistently optimised print quality, reduced set-up times, and cost savings.

The PureTone and PureTone FPC mixing base system, with our unique, accurate database and assortment is fully supported by InkFormulation Software and equipment from leading industry suppliers to provide optimal print quality as well as predictable, measurable, repeatable colour. Together with pre-press proofing, you can take charge of your colour and make your label and packaging business more efficient, saving time AND money.

Our PureTone ink system provides complete control, with consistent colour at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Go straight to press with accurate colour, right first time, every time.

Our PureTone ink system provides COMPLETE control, with consistent colour at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Go straight to press with accurate colour, right first time, EVERY time. 

David Phillips - Director, Alphagraphics

“Before we started working with Pulse Roll Label Products, we looked at other products available in the marketplace. We knew we wanted a mono-pigmented ink system because we learned from other parts of our business that this could be a big advantage. So, when PureTone was launched, we jumped on it immediately and switched a key customer straight away onto PureTone. It’s really proved itself: brighter colours; right first time; really easy to work with. We now use both PureTone and PureTone FPC, the food packaging compliant inks.”

Paul Roscoe - Managing Director, Berkshire Labels

“We have wholly embraced PureTone as part of our integrated drive towards new generation flexo printing. [With PureTone] Colour is consistent, all backed up with reports and data. There is no need for brand owners to approve jobs on press as spectral data taken from the print run is immediately reported directly back confirming the colour criteria has been met. Pantone books are a thing of the past here at Berkshire Labels.”

Paul Roscoe - Managing Director, Berkshire Labels

“Part of the strategy has been the switch to PureTone single pigment inks, which allow finer grade Apex anilox rolls to be used. This has improved quality and allowed Berkshire Labels to substantially reduce its anilox inventory.”

Paul Larkin - Operations Director, Hamilton Adhesive Labels

“PureTone’s innovative concept fits perfectly with our measurement and control philosophy. Our approach to quality and productivity is unique. Pulse Roll Label Products, with its PureTone UV flexo ink system, provided the vital link in our desire to achieve the highest level of quality, whilst improving our competitiveness in the marketplace.”

Print & Colour Control Manager - Reflex Labels

“Working in partnership with our suppliers is very important for us at Reflex and we have a strong and open relationship with Pulse Roll Label Products as our UV ink partner. Not only do they have a great range of high-quality products, including the PureTone FPC ink system, but the technical service and support we receive is second to none.”

Will Parker - CEO

“The PureTone ink system has helped many of my companies past and present deliver excellence and stability whilst helping them to be commercially successful and flexible. Flexo is a simple process that, over my career, many have tried to build mystique and complexity into. Simplicity is standardisation: PureTone provides consistency and a single pigment solution which, in an area of complexity, holds true to its concept of singularity and simplicity. PureTone delivers the widest colour gamut we can find in the market whilst remaining easier and cleaner to print with, plus; less ink is needed, which has a positive impact on the environment and in our costs.”

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