We formulated PureWhite UV flexo opaque white inks to solve common print problems for specific applications

PureWhite UV Flexo Opaque Whites

We understand the challenges of achieving opaque whites, particularly for high coverage, when printing premium quality labels and packaging.

We formulate PureWhite UV flexo opaque white inks for optimal print quality to suit specific customer needs and applications. First down, shrink sleeve, high adhesion, high opacity; PureWhite can handle it all.

For customers seeking a food packaging-compliant solution, all of our PureWhite FPC inks are formulated to comply with the regulations and guidelines for non-direct food contact packaging applications.

First Down

Our PureWhite First Down opaque white is overprintable and can be used as a ‘first down’ white to be subsequently over-printed by other inks or another white. With high opacity, fast cure and excellent printability, this product is also suitable for shrink applications.

Shrink Sleeve

White ink formulation plays an important role in the printing of shrink sleeve labels and, as well as COF, high resistance properties play a part in ensuring that the film does not scuff or scratch easily. Much like other inks, opaque whites must also have good adhesion and be able to withstand the shrinking process.

Our PureWhite opaque white for shrink sleeve applications has been formulated to offer a high-quality UV flexo solution with excellent adhesion, low COF for high slip, and excellent shrink characteristics. Suitable as a ‘last down’ white, our PureWhite Shrink Sleeve White provides the slip characteristics needed to sleeve bottles during the sleeving lines in shrink sleeve processes.

High Adhesion

Achieving good adhesion to difficult substrates can be a common challenge for narrow web printers. Our PureWhite HIGH ADHESION opaque white has been formulated to address this very issue and is considered by many to be a real problem-solving product offering superb adhesion without compromising on opacity. It can also remove the need for a primer, freeing up a unit and saving costs for the converter.

With excellent overprintability, our high adhesion opaque white – also suitable for ‘first down’ applications – provides superior adhesion to a range of tricky substrates, with high opacity, fast cure and smooth lay.

High Opacity

Formulated to save printers time and money, our PureWhite High Opacity white replicates the opacity and density traditionally achieved through screen printing. Eliminating the need for two hits of white, with fast cure and superb adhesion, this opaque white ink offers the highest opacity and density in our PureWhite range. And, with reduced ink consumption and increased production efficiencies, it’s easy to see why this product is so popular with many of our narrow web customers worldwide.

Frequently used for high coverage in the printing of premium labels and packaging for the beverages, pharmaceutical and beauty care sectors, our high opacity white is suitable for printing on a range of substrates including coated paper, films and label stocks.

Whatever you need from your opaque white ink, you can find the solution here.

Gavin Green - General Manager, Bootyman Printers Ltd

“Pulse Roll Label Products’ opaque white ink gives superb adhesion without compromising on opacity or laydown.”

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