Adhesion Problem?

Are you experiencing ink adhesion problems?

...Pulse can offer solutions to almost any printing problems.

As a total solutions provider, we have a dedicated and experienced technical team to support your sales and production department as well as provide any training and back-up for your press operators. Our team is continually working on solutions to assist you and one of the most common reasons for calls to our technical department is for advice on ink adhesion issues.

The Solution

We have addressed these issues with our UV flexo SG series that is now one of the most successful products in our range. Suitable for shrink-sleeve work, the ink has good retained adhesion on a wide selection of substrate. This all encapsulating ink has been proven worldwide and in many cases has eliminated the necessity for primers or protective lacquers.

Some substrates still require a primer so Pulse Roll Label Products has developed a UV curable gloss and matt primer range used for general purpose. They offer improved adhesion of subsequently printed UV curable inks on a range of metallised substrates, as well as other synthetic substrates.

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