New Screen White From Pulse Enables Over Printing

Pulse Roll Label Products has announced the development of Combi SF, a UV curable, silicone-free opaque white ink for rotary screen printing. The ink is formulated to permit use as a first-down white for subsequent over-printing by letterpress and litho as well as screen inks or varnishes.

"White inks for screen printing normally include silicone compounds to enhance ink flow out and surface evenness," says Technical Manager, Chris Price. "However, silicon additives often make it difficult to over-print with other processes such as letterpress, litho, flexography or varnishes. Our new white formulation means that customers will be able to successfully over print on a wider range of processes and materials."

Optimised for high opacity and whiteness Combi SF can be used with a number of screens including Gallus and Stork. A wide range of substrates can be processed including coated/treated PE/PP, PVC, Polyester and some foils, subject to recommendations.