Drupa Exhibition 2012

Everyone attending the Drupa exhibition will be frantically preparing for the biggest show of it's kind. With just two weeks until the doors open, we here at Pulse are no exception.

Three weeks of exhibiting is a long time for anyone to be on their feet! Aching limbs, sore feet and plently of coffee is all part of this, so to relieve the burden for just one person, we are staggering our team of experts who are attending the show.

Let's meet the them....

Gary Seward - Managing Director
Gary has technical and sales experience having worked in the printing industry for over 20 years. His started his career at Sicpa Aarberg then later moving to Flint Ireland. He set-up Pulse Roll Label Products Ltd 11 years ago where he is now at the forefront of narrow web ink and varnish manufacturing. His knowledge about current market trends is extensive and his focus is on the importance of low migration and developing our international market.

Chris Price - Laboratory Manager
With a Masters degree in biological chemistry from Leicester University, Chris has 18 years experience in research & development and production within the printing ink industry. He joined the Pulse Group 12 years ago and has been with Pulse Roll Label Products for the last 7 years. He currently leads our team of technicians in developing new products and providing technical service to customers worldwide.

Craig Lock - Technical Sales
Craig started his career 17 years ago in quality control for Bousfield Printing Products and more recently held the position of Technical Sales Development Manager with Stehlin Hostag Ink. He has hands on knowledge of ink and coating technology and his background and experience quality control, development projects and technical service is a valuable asset to the company.