Pulse Toll Label Products team on stand at LabelExpo

Attendees flocked to the Pulse Roll Label Products (Pulse) booth at Labelexpo Europe last week to learn how Monolox® Fixed Anilox Printing and the PureTone® ink range are revolutionising flexo label printing.

Visitors got a jolt of 80’s nostalgia with a colourful exhibit split into ‘past’ and ‘present’ – decked out with arcade games, BMXs, Connect 4, and of course, information about how Pulse’s technology can bring their operations up to date.

Pulse’s eye-catching booth was designed to highlight a common problem in the label printing industry; the inefficiency experienced by many printers who find themselves using outdated inks and coatings that are not optimised for today’s presses.

Returning to the annual expo in Brussels, Pulse’s team showcased the efficiency benefits of Monolox Fixed Anilox Printing, which has been helping converters worldwide maximise uptime and reduce ink waste by standardising the print process since last year.

Monolox uses high strength PureTone inks to enable the production of any spot colour with just one anilox volume, effectively making flexo label printing more efficient than digital at a fraction of the cost.

Gary Seward, Managing Director of Pulse Roll Label Products, said: “It was fantastic to see so many people – both familiar faces and new ones – at this year’s Labelexpo event. It’s a testament to the interest in PureTone and Monolox, and what they can offer today’s converters, and we were delighted to share their benefits with converters from around the world over a game of Space Invaders!

“Switching to PureTone inks and coatings offers higher quality, reduced downtime, and lower waste, all through the benefits of Monolox Fixed Anilox Printing. Enabling you to print all your spot colours with just one anilox, this groundbreaking process boosts accuracy and efficiency, taking the variability out of label printing to unlock all kinds of efficiencies. We compare it to not using old tyres on a new car; after all, why would you invest in quality, modern presses, but waste their potential with outdated inks?”

pulse roll label products team thanking Anilox Laser Technology for golden anilox

Worth its weight in gold! (From left) Pulse MD Gary Seward thanks ALT Sales Director Adrian Morton and Managing Director Anthony Jewell, for supplying the amazing golden anilox that caught the eye at this year’s Labelexpo

As well as showcasing some prime 80s memorabilia, the bustling Pulse booth caused a stir among Labelexpo visitors with its centrepiece – a ‘golden anilox’. “With PureTone inks and the Monolox system, a single anilox is literally worth its weight in gold,” explained Gary. “We worked with our friends at leading UK anilox supplier, Anilox Laser Technology (ALT), who graciously supplied us this amazing golden anilox to help explain our key message.”

ALT Managing Director Anthony Jewell said the company was only too happy to support Pulse at the event. “Like Gary and his Pulse team, here at ALT we also have a straightforward approach and strive to challenge conventionality,” he said. “We always look at how we can do things differently, to improve and help our customers and address issues that challenge them daily – and the Monolox system is something where the benefits are immediately obvious.”

The eye-catching Pulse booth at Labelexpo

Across the four days of Labelexpo, thousands of visitors were wowed by the Pulse booth. “We were also thrilled to see such strong interest in PureTone DC from attendees,” added Gary. “Our new dual cure ink supports converters in making the transition from UV to UV LED curing at a pace that suits them, and was a popular talking point among our visitors. With more innovations in the pipeline, we’re already preparing for the next Labelexpo event!”

For more information about Monolox Fixed Anilox Printing, get in touch with Pulse’s sales team by emailing sales@pulserl.com.