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What Our Customers & Partners Say

We don’t just provide ink and coating solutions. We build strong relationships with our customers, digging down into their specific needs until we understand their business as well as they do.

Everything we do, whether we’re developing new additions to our innovative product portfolio or providing detailed technical support on-site, we do for our customers. That’s why so many of our customers never feel the need to go anywhere else.

But we don’t make claims like that without being able to back them up. You can read what our customers and partners have to say in their own words below…

“We represent a lot of the biggest brands in the print industry in Ireland, but, in narrow web, Pulse Roll Label Products is our partner of choice. The technical support is very good and, although we’re in Belfast and a journey away from Bristol, any problem is dealt with immediately; the technical team are fantastic. They are really nice people, everyone is willing to help one another, so it’s like one big family. Pulse is personal.”

“Before we started working with Pulse Roll Label Products, we looked at other products available in the marketplace. We knew we wanted a mono-pigmented ink system because we learned from other parts of our business that this could be a big advantage. So, when PureTone was launched, we jumped on it immediately and switched a key customer straight away onto PureTone. It’s really proved itself: brighter colours; right first time; really easy to work with. We now use both PureTone and PureTone FPC, the food packaging compliant inks.”

David Phillips

Director, Alphagraphics

“We have wholly embraced PureTone as part of our integrated drive towards new generation flexo printing. [With PureTone] Colour is consistent, all backed up with reports and data. There is no need for brand owners to approve jobs on press as spectral data taken from the print run is immediately reported directly back confirming the colour criteria has been met. Pantone books are a thing of the past here at Berkshire Labels.”

“Part of the strategy has been the switch to PureTone single pigment inks, which allow finer grade Apex anilox rolls to be used. This has improved quality and allowed Berkshire Labels to substantially reduce its anilox inventory.”

“We want to ensure that we protect our industry leading, high quality digital print using the very best varnishes possible. This is why we choose Pulse Roll Label Products’ PureFinish overprint varnishes -because they offer the best print quality in the market.”

Paul Roscoe

Managing Director, Berkshire Labels

“Pulse Roll Label Products’ opaque white ink gives superb adhesion without compromising on opacity or laydown.”

Gavin Green

General Manager, Bootyman Printers Ltd

“Pulse Roll Label Products’ PureBright FPC metallic inks are formulated to comply with the latest EuPIA guidelines – a critical requirement for Essentra and our customers. From a print production perspective, the excellent on-press performance of the inks is demonstrated with improved flow, transfer, opacity and coverage. Essentra delivers solutions that add value for brand owners – the PureBright UV flexo inks allow excellent overprintability and provide the superior lustre and optimal brightness required by our customers in today’s market.”

Simon Halsey

Product Development Manager, Essentra

“PureTone’s innovative concept fits perfectly with our measurement and control philosophy. Our approach to quality and productivity is unique. Pulse Roll Label Products with its PureTone UV flexo ink system provided the vital link in our desire to achieve the highest level of quality, whilst improving our competitiveness in the marketplace.”

Paul Larkin

Operations Director, Hamilton Adhesive Labels

“At OPM we have been looking for a UV flexo antimicrobial finishing solution for some time now, so the PureSafe launch was very welcome news. We’re delighted to be working closely with Pulse Roll Label Products and Addmaster to offer brands the opportunity to protect their printed labels and packaging with the PureSafe varnishes.”

Susan Ellison

Joint MD, OPM (Labels & Packaging) Group

“Working in partnership with our suppliers is very important for us at Reflex and we have a strong and open relationship with Pulse Roll Label Products as our UV ink partner. Not only do they have a great range of high-quality products, including the PureTone FPC ink system, but the technical service and support we receive is second to none.


Reflex Labels

“Pulse Roll Label Products is a very innovative and strong partner. The team are great at understanding the customer’s needs. They have a superb technical backup that helps us grow our company and stand stronger in the industry with our customers. Plus, they are fun to work with!”

Heidi Graff


“PurePeel offers excellent stability and printability plus the smooth, repeatable release properties essential for printing high-quality multi-layer labels. We employ this release varnish across the Skanem UK peel & read label portfolio, which has to meet the needs of the demanding market sectors of health, beauty, personal care, industrial and many more.”

Paul Jones

Technical & Sales Director, Skanem UK

“Pulse has been a reliable and consistent partner to me and the teams I manage over the last 20 years. Working closely with any ink supplier is critical; with Pulse, there is always integrity, transparency and trust; an open and fair relationship that works for both partners to mutual benefit and growth. They bring innovation, a company with unique, best-in-class products which are focused on the narrow web market to always deliver excellence. Beyond the products is the friendly and engaging technical support which helps develop our skill set and confidence in colour. They have a real understanding of their customers’ needs; they listen and this is just one reason why they are great people to deal with.”

“The PureTone ink system has helped many of my companies past and present deliver excellence and stability whilst helping them to be commercially successful and flexible. Flexo is a simple process that, over my career, many have tried to build mystique and complexity into. Simplicity is standardisation: PureTone provides consistency and a single pigment solution which, in an area of complexity, holds true to its concept of singularity and simplicity. PureTone delivers the widest colour gamut we can find in the market whilst remaining easier and cleaner to print with, plus; less ink is needed, which has a positive impact on the environment and in our costs.”

Will Parker


“For a tactile effect, we love the PureFX rough texture matt varnish from Pulse Roll Label Products. It’s a popular finish with a lot of our beverage customers and we have also seen the finish start to migrate across to other sectors such as personal care. The rough texture varnish offers a new dimension to the label, which our customers love.”

Ben Robinson

Business Development Manager, The Label Makers Limited

“We made the move to PureAqua to support our drive to achieve the highest quality of water-based flexo printing on both standard and thermal papers. The PureAqua ink system means that we need to use only one ink system for both substrates, making it more efficient and cost-effective while at the same time providing optimal print performance and accurate colour to satisfy our water-based flexo requirements.”

Martin Clackett

Print Production Manager, SATO UK

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